Male Horses

Updated 26th April 2017


For sale

Please note:

All horses on this page are 100% pure bred, DNA tested Falabellas.


Zorro Rojo of Fort
(By El Pampas of Hambrook ex Bellissima of Fort)

Chestnut minimal pinto. Foaled 29th March 2017.
  Extremely tiny, show quality.
For sale on weaning.


Equuleus Curazao.

Show quality, black colt/appaloosa characteristics.
Foaled: 09/09/2016
By Limelight’s Sabre ex Equuleus Your Song.
For sale on weaning at six months.
4,000 - 50% deposit secures

Photo Pauline Young

Equuleus Ultimado.
Show quality, dark chestnut colt with blaze and socks.
Foaled: 10/04/2016
By Limelight’s Sabre ex Limelight’s That’s Amore.
5,500 - 50% deposit secures.

Photo to follow

Equuleus Elst Pizzaro.
Show quality, dark bay colt/appaloosa characteristics.
Foaled: 23/07/2016
By Limelight’s Sabre ex Equuleus Apres Toi.
For sale on weaning at six months.
3,500 – 50% deposit secures
Photo to follow


Celestino of Fort
(By El Pampas of Hambrook ex Falabella Salina)

Palomino with blaze. Foaled 7th May 2016.
 Show quality middle-weight.
Can be seen in Kent.

3,000 – 50% deposit secures.


Leopardcon Casanova
(By Ennis Kelly's Boy ex Cha Cha of Mallards)

Black gelding. Foaled 2011.
Can be seen in Kent.

1,500 – 50% deposit secures.


Equuleus Thriller

By Limelight's Point Break ex Falabella Atonada.

This tiny (76cms) stallion carries the rare bloodlines of the two legendary Argentine imports
Falabella Menelek and Falabella Al Graten.

He is out of one of the tiniest and most perfect little Argentine import mares we have seen.

Foaled in 2004, Thriller can be seen with his mother on most of the worlds' Wikipedia 'Falabella' pages.
- 50% deposit secures.
Photos: Bob Langrish


Limelight's Indian Warrior

Pintaloosa stallion with one blue eye. Also AMHA registered.

By Limelight's Point Break ex Lady Erica of Hambrook.

This pintaloosa stallion
carries the 'Royal' bloodlines of Falabella Menelek, Falabella Al Graten and Lady Erica of Hambrook
(see 'Archive', 'Home' and 'History' page).

He is 'double dominant' for producing a wide variety of colour patterns and throws a high percentage of spotted foals
with solid coloured mares. He has thrown many show champions but remains unshown due to a blemish.
Foaled 2001, his worth far exceeds his price of 4,500.
- 50% deposit secures.

photo Marie Bushill


Paying a deposit secures a horse for you and prevents its sale to another. The horse has then been sold to you.

The contract is completed upon full payment of the balance of the agreed price and delivery of the horse.


For sale


If any horse sold by us is found unsuitable in any way within one month from the date of delivery,
we will exchange for another of equal value providing the horse is returned in the same condition as sold. YOU agree to pay transport costs.
All horses are sold sound, vice free and are open to veterinary inspection.