Falabella Miniature horses for sale

Please note...

Falabellas are a rare breed.     There are far more partbreds than pure Falabellas.
The Falabella name is sometimes used fraudulently in order to sell non-Falabella horses.
The terms 'Full Argentinian', 'Full Falabella' or 'Standard Falabella' are meaningless.
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Potential buyers should ensure that the horses are registered with either the European (FSE) or British Falabella Studbook.

If a horse has not been DNA tested it is probably NOT a Falabella.

The Equuleus Falabella stud has been very selective over four decades.

It was founded on four of the greatest Falabella horses ever sold by the late Julio Cesar Falabella during the 1970’s.
They were:- Menelek, Chico, Morenita and Al Graten.

These horses were ahead of their time and of a quality hard to find, even today.

We always have a number of Purebred Falabellas for sale in all colours.
We specialise in the top quality 'Arabian' type Falabella.
We have colts, fillies, mares, stallions and geldings.

We have a selection of show quality yearlings and 2018 foals.
Please call or email us for more information and supply either a landline telephone number or address, thank you.

You can call us between 1pm and 2pm (13.00 hrs - 14.00 hrs GMT) Monday - Friday.
Visit us in Norfolk by appointment on Sundays and Wednesdays between 2pm - 4pm.


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