Falabella Miniature horses for sale

Please note...

Falabellas are a rare breed.     There are far more partbreds than pure Falabellas.
The Falabella name is sometimes used fraudulently in order to sell non-Falabella horses.
The terms 'Full Argentinian', 'Full Falabella' or 'Standard Falabella' are meaningless.
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Potential buyers should ensure that the horses are registered with either the European (FSE) or British Falabella Studbook.

The British Falabella Studbook (now The Falabella Studbook) incorporates the Falabella Studbook Europe.

The Falabella Studbook is the ONLY studbook in the world authorised by the ACCF.

We have sold Falabellas to:
UAE, Bahrain, USA, Sweden, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Czech, Spain, Norway,

Ireland, Indonesia. Korea etc.   And to some of the world's Royal families.

All horses on these pages are 100% pure bred, DNA tested Falabellas registered with the British Falabella Studbook.

If a horse has not been DNA tested it is probably NOT a Falabella.

Please call or email us for more information and supply either a landline telephone number or address, thank you.

Please note: all costs associated with transport are the responsibility of the purchaser.


Male Falabellas
Updated 10th October 2023
Female Falabellas
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Companion and retired Falabellas

30th September 2022


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