We have sold Falabellas to: UAE, USA, Sweden, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Czech, Spain, Norway,
Ireland, Indonesia etc.   Including to some of the world's Royal families.

British Horse Society advice from 5 January 2021 following the latest lockdown announcement for England,
and are expected to remain in place until mid-February.
Viewing, buying and selling horses
Covid secure measures must be fully implemented when viewing and /or collecting purchased horses for transportation.
The collection of purchased horses is dependent on the individual circumstances and is at the discretion of the buyer
if it is considered essential travel to collect the horse during the current lockdown, or if this can wait until lockdown has ended.

Falabella Females

Updated 19th April 2021


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Please note:
All horses on this page are 100% pure bred, DNA tested Falabellas registered with the British Falabella Studbook.

"I hereby state that The British Falabella Studbook, held and managed by Ms. Stella Dutchyn,
is recognized by the Registry of the Minihorses Falabella and the Association of Breeders of Falabella Horses (ACCF in Spanish).
No other entity in the United Kingdom holds such status."

9th August 2018
Alejandro C. Gramajo
Official Registry Manager and Head of the ACCF in the Republic of Argentina

Marionette of Fort
(by El Pampas of Hambrook ex Equuleus Apres Toi)

Bright bay, show quality, foaled: 01/04/21
This filly carries the bloodlines of Falabella Lancero and Falabella Lady Noir (imported by Mr. Albert Shepherd in 1990)
and Falabella Trofeo and Falabella Binaria (imported by Mr. Reinhard Scharer in 1998)

Can be seen in Kent.

7,500  -
50% deposit secures.


Helado of Fort

(by Limelight's Sabre ex Monochroma of Fort)

Ultra refined, top show quality, black filly foaled 2019.

Helado carries the Rare and Royal bloodlines of Falabella Menelek, Falabella Al Graten, and Falabella Chico.
Please see 'UK Archives', 'History' and 'Legends' pages.

Can be seen in Kent.

20,000 - 50% deposit secures.


For sale

Paying a deposit secures a horse for you and prevents its sale to another. The horse has then been sold to you.

The contract is completed upon full payment of the balance of the agreed price.


If any horse sold by us is found unsuitable in any way within one month from the date of delivery,
we will exchange for another of equal value providing the horse is returned in the same condition as sold. YOU agree to pay transport costs.
All horses are sold sound, vice free and are open to veterinary inspection.