Sea Horse Beaded Halters

Hand made with love and care.
We do not copy others.
Custom made in Wales to the highest standard.


Barely Blue....
A stunning combination of blue, silver and black beads. Complete with a fine silver throat chain with easy hook design.

Custom Made Not Imported

Any size or shape.

From Tiny New Foal to Shire.

Champagne and Orange....
BEautiful wonder beads in orange and cream, with fine silver spacers and finished off with a fine silver throat chain with easy hook design.

Halters with Chin Chain
Start at £35.00
£2.50 P&P

Made with cast not welded rings for strength. No exposed wire!

Cherry and Silver....
A beautiful yet simple design. Made with silver spacers and two wooden red beads, with one central Swarovski crystal rondelle. Absolute pure class.

Leads are available with Chains
Price £6.55
£1.50 P&P

No P&P If sold with Halter.

Silver Stars....
Let your horse be a star with this fab halter. This looks stunning on the horse and makes them stand out from the others.

Standard sizes are, xxs, xs, mini, large mini, Pony, Cob and Full Size

No extra charge is made for special requests on design.

Mystical Turquoise or Sapphire...
Three colours are availale with this halter, choose one colour to match your horse. Made with stunning real moonstone beads, backed up with aluminium and silver spacers and the amazing Swarovski crystal rondelles...
Truly beautiful.

Please Note:
Never tie up or train in the halters or they might break under the strain.

Here are some close ups, showing the craftsmanship and attention
to detail that goes in to every one of our halters.

Sea Horse Beaded Browbands

To our knowledge we are the only company that
make these Browbands, in the world!!!!

Candy Pink
Green & Gold
Available in Shetland, Pony Cob and Full Size.
Prices From £9.50 plus P&P
Other designs available.
Or have one made to your preference.

Sea Horse Rhythm Beads

Use rhythm beads to calm
and help balance your horse mentally.

Bold and Bright
Green and Yellow
Purple Star
Pretty In Pink

Made from real leather thong, NOT cord.
With Silver Heart or Flower shaped conchos and 6 bells.
Used in the USA with great success, now being made in Wales in exclusive designs.

Prices From £19.99 plus P&P
Sizes From Tiny Mini to Shire and any colour combination.