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Updated 13th May 2016


Sue with the twins
Liberty and Robin Fisher of Kilverstone at the Equuleus Falabella Stud.

Photo: Marie Bushill


Equuleus Petaloutha Mou (Greek for 'My Butterfly') by Limelight's Orion ex Falabella Prosapia.

Photo: Marie Bushill

Susan Eckholdt has been breeding Falabella horses for over thirty years.

She and her late husband Captain Edwin Henry Eckholdt, purchased some of The Lady Rosamund Fisher’s
eight original Argentine imports and a few of their foals. 

Captain Edwin Henry Eckholdt (former 'Air America' pilot) and Falabella Al Graten at Kilverstone Latin American Zoo, April 1980.

Photo: Susan Eckholdt

Equuleus Jessica, a great, great grand daughter of Falabella Al Graten
which was won in a competion featured in 'The Sun' newspaper in 1974. See the 'UK Archives' page.
Pictured here with Mrs Brenda Sutcliffe whose daughter Helen won the competition.

Photo: Ray Mumford

Sue also visited Argentina to select stock from the Falabella ranch and was privileged to meet Maria Luisa de Falabella in 1997,
becoming her UK representative until Maria's death in 2007.

Maria Luisa de Falabella (in green) with her son Alejandro Gramajo, Helen Hite and Anna Maria Gramajo,

who made Sue so welcome in Buenos Aires - Christmas 1997.

Photo: Susan Eckholdt

Sue with Limelight's Point Break (by Pegasus of Kilverstone ex Tripoli of Kilverstone) in August 1992.

Photo: Edwin H. Eckholdt

Sue imported the Limelight's herd of pure bred Falabellas from Sweden in 2000, hence the appearance of the Limelight's prefix in many pedigrees.
The herd contained several Argentine imports including the red leopard stallion Falabella Yabito.
It also contained several horses carrying the blood of the two legendary Argentine imports to the UK - Falabella Menelek and Falabella Al Graten.
See 'UK Archives' and 'Legends' pages.

Annika Ostberg had first met Ed and Sue at Kilverstone in 1991. 

Annika and family (Limelight's Animals) when they visited us in 2001.

Photo: Susan Eckholdt

She has long had a fascination for the night sky, so chose the prefix 'Equuleus' - The Little Horse Constellation.

Ed and Sue lived in Saudi Arabia and Morocco for some years where they grew to love the Arabian horse.

Top quality Falabella horses are those with Arabian characteristics so they made the decision to breed for this type.

Sue considers the stallion Limelight's Sabre (better known as 'Indius' in Sweden) to be the ultimate Falabella.

Sired by Falabella Chico ex Tripoli of Kilverstone (Falabella Menelek ex Falabella Morenita)

This little stallion (foaled in 1993) is AMHA registered so is also an American Miniature Horse.

He surely epitomises the term 'miniature horse'.

Limelight's Sabre (by Falabella Chico ex Tripoli of Kilverstone) at age sixteen.

Owner: Rickard Rundqvist

Arabian halters: Lillemo Antonsson

Photos: Kristina Jaxell

Limelight's Sabre at age twenty.

Photos: Ray Mumford

An Arabian stallion, El Jadida, Morocco. 1977.

Photo: Susan Eckholdt