Updated 17th October 2013


Falabella Menelek

Photo: Horse and Pony

We were privileged to own the incredible stallion Falabella Menelek briefly before his death at around the age of thirty.
He was extremely beautiful and had a gentle, sweet nature.

The following extract is from 'My Jungle Babies' by Lady Rosamund Fisher, published by George Allen and Unwin.

'Now', said Sr Falabella, 'I will take you to see the spotted stallion in your photograph.' Down the great driveway, flanked by phalanxes of eucalyptus trees, he led us to yet another field. And there was Menelek, the horse from the photograph.
'That', said Sr Falabella, 'is my best horse'. He has fathered all the spotted horses that you have seen on the ranch.'
'He's the one I want,' I said instantly. 'I simply must have him.'

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Falabella Al Graten

Photo: Halifax Courier
Courtesy: Mrs B. Sutcliffe

This little Argentine import mare was a prize in 'The Sun' newspaper competition and was won by Helen Sutcliffe, then aged eleven, in 1974.
 Named Arabella for the 'Sun' competition purposes, then renamed ‘Bronco’ by young Helen Sutcliffe immediately after winning her.  She was first registered (with the AMHA) as ‘Marina’ by The Lady Rosamund Fisher whilst on a three year breeding loan to Kilverstone between November 1978 and October 1981. Later, after returning to Yorkshire, she was AMHA registered as ‘Bronco’ in 1990.
Then, during the re-enrollment required by the mother studbook the Asociacion de Criadores de Caballos Falabella in the mid-nineties, the original name of this horse was finally discovered  - 'Falabella Al Graten' meaning 'Falabella to the bone'.

This striking little mare excelled in the show-ring for many years, creating a stir whenever she appeared in public.

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Limelight's Point Break

Photos: Limelight's Animals, Sweden.

By Pegasus of Kilverstone ex Tripoli of Kilverstone.

Many of our foals carry the blood of both Falabella Menelek and Falabella Al Graten through the wonderful stallion Limelight's Point Break. He was a snowflake/frost appaloosa and he threw 100% appaloosa foals which were either born loudly-marked or which spotted-up later. He carried the blue-eye gene (via Falabella Al Graten) so some of his progeny have blue eyes. Almost all of them are top show quality.